This extended 6-week Dog Training program is for dogs 12 to 24 months of age, with no aggressive behavioral issues toward humans or other animals. Dogs older than 12 months have had more time to practice unwanted behaviors such as anxiety, fear, and reactivity.

It is essential dogs with these behavioral issues are taken out of their home environment to reset their state of mind, lifestyle, and to begin the rehabilitation process.

These behaviors can be deeply embedded in dogs, which takes time to breakthrough. Utilizing our “pressure on pressure off” methods, we guide your dog through our balanced training course to help create better habits and a healthy mindset.

The work does not stop with us, however. Long-term success comes from the clients’ continued effort in maintaining harmony once back home.

To help ensure long-term success we include; a private class at our facility at the four-week mark, a 2 to 4-hour return home session, AND a 1-hour private lesson to be used within 7 to 10 days after your pup’s return home. You will come to Columbia County for a special ‘real world’ training walk with us to check on you and your dog’s progress.