Puppy Jump Start 10 day board n’ train program.


This program is to teach your puppy new age-appropriate skills.  Due to the young age range and length of the program, your puppy will have a solid foundation.


Skills included:

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit ( including sitting politely at doorways and sitting for food dish)

  • Lay down

  • Leave it

  • Drop it

  • Go to your bed

  • Go into crate

  • Crate training- maintaining

  • Foundation leash training

  • Foundation skills for coming when called with verbal cue and whistle

  • House training schedule

  • Confidence building with frequent trips to our puppy enrichment gym


In addition, we work on social skills with other puppies and people in a proper and safe environment.  Our puppy program focuses on giving pups the skills needed to grow into confident, social, and well-adjusted adults.

Program Director:  Katrina Magee

 Call  845 235 0078

or email KatrinaAheadofthepack@gmail.com